Chester Summer House/Shed Combi
Chester Summer Hose Shed

Chester Summer House/Shed Combi


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Product Description


Affordable Luxury
This stylish, modern-looking building offers fantastic quality and allows you to enjoy
all the benefits of having your very own luxury garden summerhouse at a great price.
The tongue-and-groove cladding, higher grade felt and doubled-up framing all add up
to produce a sturdy, well-built structure that looks great in your garden and will last
for years to come!
Comfortable and Cosy
The summerhouse features bi fold doors (four door opening) and windows, which
provide an open, light and airy feel. It’s the perfect spot from which to enjoy your
garden and the simple delight at being surrounded by nature. It’s comfortable and
cosy, but at the same time offers great protection from the elements when necessary.
Customizable for you
With a range of sizes and other options to choose from, you can rest assured that you
can have a beautiful, long-lasting summerhouse to suit your individual needs. Its
stylish, traditional build will look great in your garden, no matter how big or small,
and is ideal for the entry-level hobbyist or DIY specialist…or simply as the perfect
spot to relax and unwind.
Its what we do
All our products are built by us in our own workshop, none of our items are shipped
in from abroad this guarantees that we are able to monitor not just the quality of the
construction but also the quality of the products we use to construct your garden
So what happens next???
Once you have ordered and paid for your item you will receive an email outlining your
order and that your order has been passed through to the workshop for construction.
We also require a contact number and to be made aware of any delivery restrictions/
holiday dates and dates to avoid.
We will then contact you with your delivery date giving you at least 5-7 days notice.
On the day before delivery ( between 3-5pm) we will contact you with the drivers
phone number so you can gain an approximate time of delivery should you require
this, so you are not hanging around all day what for it to arrive. On the day of the
delivery the driver will contact you 30 minutes before arrival.
Should you have any more questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cheaster Summer House Combi Specifications


The size refers to the floor footprint of your product; your summerhouse comes with a
2ft roof overhang, which is extra to this size.
*We use acrylic as appose to glass, Perspex and styrene as it is a far safer and better
quality of product that won’t discolour or scratch over time.
** Your product will be provided with one coat of a light coloured factory applied water
base stain.
Please note all heights are external and include the floor where applicable.
Comes with an internal wall which is same height as outer walls
16ft wide summerhouses will receive a 4ft shed with a single boarded summerhouse
18ft+ versions can have a 4ft or a 5ft shed with a single boarded summerhouse door or a
6ft shed with double boarded summerhouse doors
decking, furniture not included.

Additional Information

shed sizes

S) 16X8, T) 16X10, U) 16X12, V) 16X14, W) 18X8, X) 18X10, Y) 18X12, Z) 18X14, Z1) 20X8, Z2) 20X10, Z3) 20X12, Z4)20X14