Bespoke Work


Many garden building providers on the Internet are middlemen for larger companies that build the garden buildings so they are just sales only. Here at we manufacture all our own products, this allows us to not only keep a close eye on the quality of our materials and construction but it also allows us to undertake Bespoke Work.


So if you have found a liking for one of our products but want to make a few changes we can do that for you, whether it be extra windows to open up an all new aspect on to your garden or extra doors or even a shed compartment built within your summerhouse just ask there isn’t much we cant achieve utilising our construction methods, and a lot of the time the cost Is insignificant compared to you receiving the product you want.


So if there is an addition or change you would like to make please contact us on 07795 278 395 or email-CONTACTING US


Just remember, The product you receive was built by us for you.